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USDF Region 1 Awards Program




                    Honor your volunteers by nominating them for the Region 1 Awards. 

These awards provide a unique opportunity to recognize our Regional volunteers for all they do throughout Region 1 to promote and advance the mission of USDF and USEF.
The categories are for “Outstanding contribution to the dressage community


                                      •Adult  (click here for form)
                                      •Youth (click here for form)


The deadline for submission of nominees is Nov 30, 2016
Annan Hepner, 2014 Youth Volunteer
Annan Hepner, 2014 Region 1 Youth Volunteer of the Year

2013 Adult Volunteer - Debbie DelGiorno
The 2013 Adult Volunteer Award winner Debbie DelGiorno accepting the award from Lisa Schmidt (right)
and Debby Savage (left).



USDF Region 1 Awards General Information
USDF Region 1 awards are given each year for Contribution to the Dressage Community: Adult and Youth (21 years and younger)
The criteria for the awards are as follows:
Nominations will be accepted from any USDF Region 1 Group Member Organization (GMO), Participating Member (PM), or Group Member (GM)
Consideration for nominees will be given to cumulative accomplishments that are based on volunteer activities.
Individuals may only win once in each category.
Award nominations are due by the Fall Region 1 Meeting November 30, 2016 (go to for updates)
Nominations may only be submitted online via the Awards page at the USDF Region 1 website:
Nominations MUST adhere to the format given on the online form, and must include the name of the individual or GMO submitting the nomination.
More than one nominee may be listed on the one form (if the individuals are being nominated as a team) and more than one nominee may be submitted by an individual or GMO.
Nominations will be published on the Region 1 website and Facebook page.
Region 1 GMOs will vote for award winners at the USDF National Convention. All GMO votes will count equally, and GMOs may vote for their own nominees
Awards will be named in each category for which a nomination is received.
Winners will receive a decorative plaque, which can be presented by the winner’s GMO.
Winners will be listed in the Region 1 Omnibus and on the Region 1 web site and Facebook page. Some of the previous winners are listed on the following page.



For more information or to submit forms, contact Alice Greenstone:


2013 Youth Volunteer Laura Dickerson
2013 Youth Volunteer Laura Dickerson receiving her award from NCDCTA Prez Carol Kelly


Steve WolgemuthAlison HeadDVCTA Corps of Volunteers
Roy ToppingsMary Alice MaloneJeanne Braceland
Mary HerbstHeather MasonLazelle Knocke
Vanessa SwartzLinda Speer
Belinda NairnPatsy Albers
Heather MasonJules NyssenDr. Sam Barrish
Jeanne McDonaldCynthia StephensCOL Clarence Edmonds & Laird Duncan
Amy GimbelBarbie AsplundhMary Harrison
Christine StillwaughJeanne McDonaldJanine Malone
Debbie MorrisonMary Alice MaloneHilltop Farm
Todd FlettrichPati PierucciBettina Longaker
Kathy AdamsBrooke DossSandi Leggett
Debbie SavageNancy BarnesKathy Moffitt
Judi CoyneMary Haskins GrayMelanie Sloyer & Jim Hall
Mary Alice MaloneJim KofordLori Kaminski & Bo Belton
Meredith WienerCatherine Malone & Mary Beth McLeanAndi Bates & Terri MastersYancey Zoe Shook
Theresa ButtaSusan SpringSteen & Heidi Storm GrahamAlison HeadAlex Jackson
Jessica Jo Tate & Sara SchmittChris HickeySusan NicholsHannah White
Anne AloiRyan Michelle EskridgePat Artimovich
Nicole DelGiornoBarbara StrawsonMarsha MontgomeryZoe Witte
Alison HeadLauren SpreiserPeyton Morris
Lauren ChumleyKim HerslowScott & Suzanne HasslerNicole DelGiorno
Alexandra JacksonRebecca Langwost-BarlowElsie KellermanPatrick Ross
Debbie DelGiornoLaura Dickerson
Hilltop FarmAnnan Hepner