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2017 NAJYRC parade.jpg
2017 NAJYRC parade
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Allison Nemeth (NJ) and Dafoe.JPG
Allison Nemeth (NJ) and Dafoe
3024 x 40321586 KB
Allison Nemeth (NJ) and Dafoe2.jpg
Allison Nemeth (NJ) and Dafoe2
2048 x 1356825 KB
Amanda McAuliffe (NJ) and Duco.jpg
Amanda McAuliffe (NJ) and Duco
702 x 960171 KB
Amanda McAuliffe (NJ) and Duco2.jpg
Amanda McAuliffe (NJ) and Duco2
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Anna Weniger (NC) and Don Derrick (YR).jpg
Anna Weniger (NC) and Don Derrick (YR)
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Chase Shipka and Zigal (YR).jpg
Chase Shipka and Zigal (YR)
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Claire Hodges (DC) and  Good Lookin3.JPG
Claire Hodges (DC) and Good Lookin3
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Juniors on   the podium.JPG
Juniors on the podium
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Kaitlyn Lingard and Valentino (YR).jpg
Kaitlyn Lingard and Valentino (YR)
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Kayla Kadlubek and Freewill.jpg
Kayla Kadlubek and Freewill
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Kayla Kedlubek (VA) and Freewill.JPG
Kayla Kedlubek (VA) and Freewill
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Kayla Kedlubek (VA).JPG
Kayla Kedlubek (VA)
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Kristin Counterman and Three Times jog.jpg
Kristin Counterman and Three Times jog
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Kristin Counterman and Three Times.jpg
Kristin Counterman and Three Times
2048 x 1356946 KB
Reg 1 Bronze Medalists.JPG
Reg 1 Bronze Medalists
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Reg 1 Junior Silver Medalists.JPG
Reg 1 Junior Silver Medalists
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Young Rider Bronze Team.jpg
Young Rider Bronze Team
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Young Riders Team Bronze.jpg
Young Riders Team Bronze
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Young Riders with banner.jpg
Young Riders with banner
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