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Alyse Schuver on Bennigan.jpg
Alyse Schuver on Bennigan
Alyse Schuver on Bennigan – Reserve Champion in Region 1 Finals – Training level AA – Donna Rochetti of USDF and Carol Kelly, Pres. Of NCDCTA presenting awards
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Amy Bresky on Welkin.jpg
Amy Bresky on Welkin
Amy Bresky on Welkin – 5th place in Region 1 Finals – I-1 AA
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Big Girls Don't Cry Team.jpg
Big Girls Don't Cry Team
Big Girls Don’t Cry Team led by the Team Chef d’Equipe: Anne Aloi; Team Members: Ellen Bouchard on Alea, Keni Kerin on Idolace, Julie Hjulmand on Risky Business RSH – this team came in First Place in the FEI Mixed Division with a team score of 107.169
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Display of the lovely BLM championship ribbons
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Champion, Training Level JR/YR - Chippy and Molly Watson
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Devon breed show awards.jpg
Devon breed show awards
Sir Wanabi owned by Sandra Laprise and bred by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police winning the Great American/USDF Breeder's Championship Stallion East Coast Final
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Devon DVCTA exhibition.jpg
Devon DVCTA exhibition
DVCTA members performing an exhibition at Devon 2012
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Devon hat day.jpg
Devon hat day
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Felicitas and Tonico do Top.jpg
Felicitas and Tonico do Top
Champion, Grand Prix - Tonico do Top and Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel during victory round
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Champion, Grand Prix - Tonico do Top and Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel with Jane Weatherwax
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GAIG finals 2.jpg
GAIG finals 2
Rebecca Langwost-Barlow on Libertina – winner of Region 1 Finals First Level MFS and winner of Region 1 First Level Open
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GAIG finals horse models.jpg
GAIG finals horse models
some of the display of the ‘Model Horse Competition’ – YTC Team Members and NCDCTA Junior Club Members participated in setting up beautiful Model Horse displays
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Kay Meredith.jpg
Kay Meredith
Kay Meredith (S Judge) leads the ‘Sit with a Judge’ session for Youth Team Members
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Kem Barbosa-DogShow.jpg
Kem Barbosa-DogShow
Dressage Judge, Kem Barbosa in her Dog Show costume.  She is one of the sponsors of the dog show.
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Lilo Fore clinic 2.jpg
Lilo Fore clinic 2
Lilo Fore clinic
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Lilo Fore clinic.jpg
Lilo Fore clinic
Lilo Fore working with Shannon Stone at the USDF Region 1 clinic
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Dog Show Photo -- Mary Callan and her two super dogs
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Megan Carpenter.jpg
Megan Carpenter
Megan Carpenter winner of GAIG USDF Region One DSE finals and trainer Alison Head at Finals in NC
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NCDCTA YR simulator practice.jpg
NCDCTA YR simulator practice
Amerika helping a very young rider with their skills. Photo credit: Carol Kelly
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NCDCTA YTC Amerika simulator.jpg
NCDCTA YTC Amerika simulator
One of the Junior Clubs in front of Amerika, the interactive dressage simulator. Photo credit: Carol Kelly
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NCDCTA YTC youngest rider.jpg
NCDCTA YTC youngest rider
A very young rider checking out one of the posters at the Junior Club table. Photo credit: Carol Kelly
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Sam Smithson- Carousel Prince.jpg
Sam Smithson- Carousel Prince
Sam Smithson on Carousel Prince; Sam was a member of the Boyz R Back Team – coming in 2nd place in the Training Division
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USDF Staff photo Convention.jpg
USDF Staff photo Convention
Several of the USDF staffers at the 2012 USDF Convention in New Orleans
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VADA Youth candid.jpg
VADA Youth candid
VADA youth team competition in Leesburg
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VADA Youth stall decorating.jpg
VADA Youth stall decorating
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